Facebook Pixel Targeting Niches

Only have one Facebook Pixel Setup and not sure how to create another or how to split them up in Shopify? Are you wanting to try your luck in another niche after trying out your first? With Mother’s Day coming up perhaps you want to test new audience and perhaps your targeting gaming niche right now and want to come back to it later. This article guides you through the entire process to get going with additional Facebook Pixels.

Why should you split your Pixel into various niches? This is a controversial topic as some believe that this makes no difference. From someone who has tested both, I’ve seen vast improvement in results by separating them and this is what is taught in Ecom Profit Formula(you can read more about my story).

Before we begin, this App is one example – there is many alternatives out there. Pixel Conversion Pro Facebook was pointed out to my by a fellow member Manpreet(thank you) in the Ecom Profit Formula private group as most were looking at Trackify alternatives which at the time of writing was is a much more expensive alternative. I am no way affiliated with them and encourage you to do your own research before subscribing($5 US per month at time of article)

Create & Assign New Pixel

You will first need to Navigate to your Business Manager

Under the hamburger menu next to Facebook Logo, click on Business Settings under Settings


On the left hand manager navigate to Data Sources and Select Pixels.

Click on the Add (+) Button on top right hand corner of second pane.


Create a name for your new Facebook Pixel here – I usually name by Niche. Then press Continue.


Select the option Continue Managing My Business


Select your newly created Facebook Pixel in the Pixel menu, select Connected Assets Tab and Press the Add Assets


Assign the Ad Account to the new Facebook Pixel which you wish it to be associated to.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you skip this step, which a lot of people commonly do… You will NOT be able to select the Facebook Pixel in Ads Manager when creating a new Campaign or editing existing Ad Sets

Setting Up Pixel Conversion Pro in Shopify

I presume you’ve already installed the Shopify App and removed your other Pixel Under Online Store > Preferences

Next you would proceed to create new Collection under Products. You would name this Collection to your niche, for example “Mother’s Day”

From here navigate to Apps and Pixel Conversion Pro

Input your Main Pixel and Press Add. This will be used if customers navigate to other items in your store and the data is still captured on a Pixel. So this will be your “Store” Pixel. If you previously used your Pixel to target another Niche then I would suggest following the steps to creating Pixel and create the “Store” Pixel.


Now that’s complete, you can select your newly created Collections from the drop down and enter your Pixels which you created for the Niches.


Using New Pixel in Ads Manager

Now that you’ve created your new Pixel and assigned it to your Ad Account, you should now be able to use it when creating a Campaign.


If you notice it saying to Verify your Pixel, I’ve been told you can skip this step. If you wish to complete this, I’ve added additional steps below this point.


Optional – Verify Pixel

Press Verify Pixel, Add code using a Partner Integration and then select Shopify.




Just press Continue for each step until you reach Verify Connection.

Enter your Shopify store here and then press Send Test Traffic. You will likely need to wait a few minutes after doing this for it to pick up your activity. Make sure you navigate to the Collection that has your Products for this Niche.


Need help?

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