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How Krste went from $0 to $1,000,000+ in less than 30 days and how you can do it too

You’ve started a business selling ShineOn jewelry. Maybe you’ve taken a course such as Ecom Profit Formula and you’ve sold a few products with moderate success.


But now the hard work begins….

As you know, big profits depend on finding a winning product such as Krste’s $1M+ earning products. But this can be more difficult – and more expensive – than the ecommerce gurus make out.

One thing’s for sure, testing and advertising until you find a winner can cost you $$$. And persevering until you find this winner can be a long, hard road. That’s why we set up Triumph Marketing Community.

How Triumph Started?


Krste Kovaceski whom specialized in Ecommerce and Software Consulting started his Shopify store selling ShineOn Jewelry in September 2019. Within a short span of 5 Months was able to master the arts and become a ShineOn Top Seller. While he’d taken courses a long the way, he still found that there was a gaps to fill which is why he created Triumph. He produced impressive results for quarter 3 & 4 – managing to surpass $3M revenue. You can watch his recent interview with Michael here.

With Triumph, our success is your success.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to success there simply isn’t any. But having the right people around you can help. Triumph is a select community of entrepreneurs whose goal is your success. Krste goes in depth on mind set, business fundamentals, risk management, buyer behavior and emotions which are crucial aspects often overlooked.

We will mentor you to the next level in your Ecommerce journey with continuous support, provide insights into trends and provide resources to help on your path to success. And we’re deliberately keeping the group small so everyone’s business can prosper.

As any expert will tell you, the fastest way to succeed is to find someone who’s done it already, and ask them how it’s done. So join our community and we will share all these resources you need to succeed while giving you the much needed support to take things into overdrive.

Krste has contributed product ideas and insights while they were still ripe, inside the private community which some members were able to capitalize on them and scale to the moon. Not months after, when the opportunity is over.

Also well known in the ShineOn Community, he has helped other entrepreneurs scale their business to the next level with his proven scaling tactics which has enabled him to achieve 6 figure sales daily.

Get Access To Two 6 Figure Product Case Studies

Yes, you heard that right. Krste shares his strategies on finding and scaling products with you. Showing over shoulder videos, exactly how he scaled to 6 figure days while outlining his decision making and mindset. One case study was based on a design idea he shared in the group, however members didn’t take action on it so he proceeded to show the members how to scale it to multiple 6 figures over a couple of months.

Revealed: tried and tested winning product niches, ideas and methods

Since he started his journey with ShineOn Jewelry, he has invested a lot of time and money in testing many new products and niches. Not just the $3M+ winners. In the group, members share the insight into what they’ve which can potentially save you $$.

As we test new products from scratch we will share our results with you.

While our goal is not to spoon feed you, we will however share successful products for you to test and get a feel for how Ads are supposed to work. You are also free to replicate any of our tried and tested methods and scale to the moon!

We can also critique your own products and designs with the benefit of our experience.

Find new niches, make the most out of your target audience

Holiday seasons are great for selling jewelry. But you can find winners all year round. Krste generated $660,000 sales in August 2020.

We will help you find the best niches to target. We can help you understand your audience, by analyzing their behavior. We can work out how to target their emotional needs for a product, and ensure they press that BUY NOW button


When it comes to your advertising, we can help you decide which groups to target. We have many examples of ad copy that sells, and we have exclusive testing and scaling strategies that a proven for well into multi 7 figure sales.  We can also give you feedback on your current ad copy and creative. And we will help you analyze the data on your campaigns.

Timely help with Facebook algorithms

As you may have realized, the Facebook algorithm is constantly changing. How do you keep on top of changes without losing a ton of money? Early 2020, we had to adapt with the changes and we spent many hours and dollars finding a solution. A winning product became a loser with the changes… Until we found the solution!


We have tested extensively and spent thousands of dollars to work out some new strategies. If there are further changes in the future – as there are bound to be – we will do the heavy testing and spending and share our findings with the community. This alone will save you money and is worth the subscription fee.


Here is another example during scaling with one of the Strategies which I teach(Banana Kick).

Exclusive Creatives to help Increase Conversions

We do lots of testing to ensure we find the best creatives for each product and have teamed up with the top designers to ensure you always have your best foot forward in your ads. These once tested are readily available for you to download from the group, some members even vouching for these creatives being the make or beak of campaigns as they increase the perceived value of the products.

Access to our Graphic Designers to help bring your product to life

Our Graphic Designers have experiencing creating those winning products that scale big. All you need is your winning idea and they are ready to help you bring it to reality.

Creating your own Etsy Store

Why limit yourself just to Cold Traffic? We have well versed sellers, that are running profitable stores on Etsy. Let us guide you on how to set your store up, and get additional income stream to invest in your advertising testing. Best of all, learn the top tips and tricks from the community to save you time and money.

Selling on the ShineOn Platform and building a Shopify Store

Great results have come from selling on the ShineOn and Gearbubble platforms. But if you have a Shopify Store we can offer the benefit of our expertise. Whether you are building your store from scratch or you have an existing store you would like to optimize, I can help you build your brand. And we will build a Shopify Store from scratch.

Proof Reading Help

Before you even post any ads, why not get our team to proof read it? Krste himself has posted product ads live and noticed typo or grammar issues after spending money on ads. Sometimes when combining phrases, they may not flow well and we will assist in fine tuning them. Also if English isn’t your first language, we are here to help!

Product Research and Best Sellers

Get access to our exclusive list of successful products for the month and information about best sellers. We do the hard research for you, using latest spy tools(saving you hundreds per month). This allows you to get inspiration and ideas about trending niches and products to create your own.

Join the community and get the latest information in regular live streaming’s

The best thing about joining Triumph is that you don’t have to do it alone. You’ll immediately be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. A select group who share strategies and learnings for the success of all our members.

We’ll be holding a exclusive weekly livestream and Q and A where I will share more of our secrets. We will showcase winning product ideas, methods of research, testing techniques, timely updates and more. We also plan to show you exactly how we scale the winners.

Platinum Membership includes all the benefits needed to help you on your route to success PLUS 1 hour one-to-one coaching calls where we can go into the real specifics and work together on your business. (Valued at $199). You will also save on additional consultations, available at $99 instead of the standard $199 – should you need more 1-to-1 coaching within a month.

Limited Spots Available. Subscribe Below NOW! ($299/Monthly)

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