Graduation 2020 – 0-75K in 10 Days

Disclaimer: I will receive commission when you click my link and make a purchase of Ecom Profit Formula. I will also get a small commission from sales on ShineOn if you signup using my link.

I’ve managed to exceed my goal of 6 figures in 2020 by successfully implementing strategies from Ecom Profit Formula. Since then I’ve also developed my own methods and strategies which I implement within my campaigns. Check out my full journey here.

I actually highlighted this potential opportunity in the Private Group for Ecom Profit Formula.I came across a product in my research methods which was doing really well. Not sure how many took action, but I certainly did.


I achieved most sales in only 10 days scaling to a whopping 75k sales. Total for this year across all stores and platform would be mid 100k to date. The profit margin is sitting at 24%. I had four winning products and decided to really scale the best one from the four.

By no means was this an easy feat. Key takeaway is never give up despite all obstacles. Tackle each challenge as it presents itself.

I’ll be honest that I took a break from testing for a short period at the beginning of corona. I dealt with some extremely frustrating situations in the midst. Including a large amount of failed tests for ShineOn Jewelry.

I transitioned into plain old aliexpress dropshipping for a short period but I feel this was a bad idea. The issues were tremendous especially when shipping prices got more expensive daily. This reminded why I focused on ShineOn in the first place… Also ended up refunding a good portion of orders too.

When I returned to testing, started to have some luck for Mother’s day…. Until Facebook banned my business manager and I lost my seasoned pixels. I wouldn’t let this keep me down, I started testing on new pixel and new ad accounts.


This lead to concerns that my URL would potentially be flagged so opted to give ShineOn Platform a try. It was extremely frustrating working within spend limits the first few weeks and wasn’t able to scale properly. In this case, I had to scale fast and hard in order to maximize on the opportunity. When I found the winning product as I had already lost a lot of time due to the limitations.

The retargetting works well, must hand it to them. I tried my own retargetting campaigns alongside but they were not profitable. This lead me to believe that ShineOn are already doing a good job. The only downside is no option to offer free shipping, which I have heard they will be allowing shortly.

I also learned that you should have multiple back-up admins for your Ad Accounts. As there was a couple of days where Facebook check pointed my account and had no control over Ads. If this were to reoccur, I have backup admins so I won’t lose my assets like business mangers/Ad accounts.

If you would be interested in working along side myself on your road to success, you’re welcome to become a part of our community.