How the Ecom Profit Formula Was My Formula to Success


Please note: This post contains affiliate links and will mainly cover my experience with Ecom Profit Formula.

Do you dream of leaving your day job? Setting up your own online business? Maybe you’d like to earn a relatively passive income while you spend more time with your family and friends?

That’s my dream too.

In September 2019, I took the first step by setting up my own Shopify store, selling print-on-demand jewelry by ShineOn. Personalization is one of the fastest growing eCommerce trends and will be by far one of the top eCommerce trends 2020.


Everyone’s talking about eCommerce right now. The Internet is full of ads and courses, eCommerce gurus telling you how to make a passive income, promising you the high life. Setting up a business is not as easy as they say.


By Christmas 2019, a couple of months into my journey, my dream was already at a crisis point. I’d run up thousands in debt, and the rewards to my investment were not coming in as promised.

As of a few weeks ago, I discovered a unique eCommerce course… Ecom Profit Formula by top print-on-demand jewelry seller, Michael Crist. It was only released in January 2020 and I was lucky enough to enroll in the Beta Version. By implementing the strategies shared in the course, I’ve achieved success.


At the beginning of 2020 I was thousands of dollars in debt. After implementing Michael’s course teachings, I become profitable. The Ecom Profit Formula course helped me turn my Shopify store into a profitable one. If you’d like to know how I did it, read on.

Ecommerce Success Means You Can Live The Dream

You could say my journey started in 2016. I was running my software consultancy and my wife was working in a jewelry store, when I was diagnosed with a health issue. I recovered mostly but still have some complications and this made me realize that life is short. My father had run his own business for 25 years, and as a child, I’d barely seen him. In 2019, my wife was expecting our first child, and I was determined that my daughter would see much more of me.

I started to research how I could set up a business that would earn me a relatively passive income stream. It would need to give my family security, cover the lean periods for my software consultancy, and enable my wife and I to spend quality time at home with each other, raising our new daughter.


I’m nothing if not a planner. I watched a ton of YouTube videos about setting up your own eCommerce business. Some people gave away their secrets and showed their winning products, dropshipped from China. It sounded too good to be true, but I gave it a go. I set up a Shopify store selling so-called “winning products” that I discovered on YouTube. But they were not winning for me. That’s hardly surprising as why would people give away their winning products for free on YouTube?


Plus, working with dropshipped products from China was not easy. The shipping times were long and the quality low. Furthermore, apps such as Oberlo, weren’t the easiest to use, and the profit margins weren’t that high.

Then I discovered the print-on-demand jewelry company ShineOn. With my wife’s background in selling jewelry, I thought this would be an ideal family business.

The Benefits of ShineOn Print-On-Demand Jewelry


I highly recommend ShineOn jewelry as an alternative to other dropshipping vendors. There’s an excellent selection of products. Including photo jewelry, engraved jewelry, customized jewelry, and customized message cards in gift boxes.

  • ShineOn’s products are manufactured by working mums in New Jersey USA.
  • The recommended retail price gives you a generous profit margin.
  • Upsells to 18K gold plate and engravings increase your profits even more.
  • Provide quality promotional photographs and videos for ads and to help you create brand awareness.
  • Provide branded label in the box.
  • Short delivery times – from 2 to 5 days within the USA, 10 to 14 days to Europe and 2 to 3 weeks worldwide.
  • Great customer service, they replace faulty items.
  • The Shopify App is easy to install and use.
  • ShineOn Platform so you don’t even need to set up your own store. [Although at the time I found them, this wasn’t yet running.]
  • Excellent quality – I’ve had only one return out of 250+ products sold.
  • Free playbooks of printed message cards and designs with detailed targeting.

ShineOn has an active Facebook group for all sellers, where they answer your questions  – most times, almost immediately. A few experienced sellers contribute to the page, as a way of encouraging new people as they get started.

My First Mistake – Employing an Ad Agency Led to Huge Losses

So I set up my Shopify Store with ShineOn products in September 2019 and I was all set to go. However, I’ve always seen myself as a technical person, a software developer who doesn’t know much about marketing. I didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to run a Facebook ad campaign myself so I decided to engage an advertising agency to help me.

In my research I came across an ad agency in the UK with impressive testimonials. I engaged them to manage my Facebook advertising campaign. If only I’d had Ecom Profit Formula at this point. I could have saved myself my first big and costly mistake! The ad agency charged me huge fees and their campaign was not successful at all – in fact it lost me money – even at the busiest time of the year for eCommerce.


Results One Month Later:

Sales – $1100

Agency Fee – $3200
Ad Spend – $2000
Product Cost – $600
Total loss – $4700


When I analyzed the visitor movement to my site and ensured that everything was working correctly. At this point I decided to stopped using the agency, and started to run my own ads with the help of free information from YouTube. I had some success with this, and managed to achieve 0.8 Return On Ad Spend. In other words, vastly better than the agency and I was on my way to breaking even. But this didn’t factor the valuable time taken away from my software consultancy.


I didn’t know really what had gone wrong with my ads, until I discovered the Ecom Profit Formula Course. Michael’s course taught me that the ad agency’s method of targeting five to six niches with one Facebook pixel was not the best method for optimum sales. This is a common mistake when using the Facebook pixel. But how was I to know? You can learn more about targeting niches by reading my article here.

I realized I needed to make a profit if I was going to continue with my store. Something had to change…

Top seller Michael Crist showed me the light

At around this point, some experienced sellers on the ShineOn Facebook page posted their successes to encourage the newbies.

One of these top sellers was Michael Crist, who’s sold ShineOn jewelry since December 2017. He’d already made over half a million dollars from ShineOn products in December 2019 alone, including over $92,000 from one product in a single day! He was very generous with sharing tips for success and his Facebook ad strategy for scaling his winning products. It was a method that no one had ever heard of!

By Michael Crist

Michael answered many of our questions and even answered a few of my private messages. He was kind and generous to all the other sellers. He wanted to help.

In January 2020 Michael released his own eCommerce Course, the Ecom Profit Formula, I was one of the first people to sign up to the Beta Version. To be honest, I would’ve easily paid $2000+ for this course but to my surprise it came at a very competitive price – a fraction of what I’d paid to “expert ad agency” to manage my campaign!


It changed my business around in a matter of weeks.

I Wish I Had The Ecom Profit Formula From The Start

If only I’d taken this course at the beginning of my journey, I would have saved myself a ton of money. But you can! If you’re just starting out with ShineOn jewelry, or even if you’re an experienced seller you will love it. It helped to close the gap for me in various areas and I had heaps of “Gotcha’s” and light bulb moments.

The course made up of a series of video tutorials. It’s broken up into easily digestible sections covering all the bases for success in Ecommerce and especially selling ShineOn.


How To Find Your Winning Products

This is key to everything. Michael gives you a crash course in how to select and create winning product designs. He shows in detail how he researches social media for already winning phrases and designs which you can adapt. I don’t have any graphic design skills so I basically test using simple designs which I create in Canva and then if I get some success I outsource the design to a designer available in the ShineOn group.


Optimize Your Store

The course includes valuable content on how to get started using the ShineOn Platform and how to set up a converting Shopify store. Michael advises new sellers to start with the ShineOn Platform as it’s super easy to get started and it’s a high converting store. I already had a Shopify store and he gave me many valuable insights. I tweaked some of my pages to improve them, but actually they were already pretty good like I’d suspected back in December 2019.


Create a Niche Facebook Fanpage

Michael goes through the exact steps on how to create a niche Facebook fanpage to run your ad campaign from. This is something I hadn’t thought of. I’d just set up a brand page that may have cost me more in advertising fees. Michael shows you how to automate the process of finding content for your page which can help to lower your advertising costs.

I’ve still work to do on implementing more of these niche fanpages in the future, but the course makes it seem easy to do.

Facebook Ads Ninja Moves!

The best part of the course is the Facebook Ads section. The unorthodoxninja methods are not seen anywhere else. None of the content I’ve watched from other ecommerce gurus covers this. Most of the rules set by Facebook itself, as well as other ecommerce courses and YouTube content, are broken. Using easy to understand fishing analogies, Michael patiently breaks down all you need to know about how Facebook works, and how to get the most out of your ad budget. Even experienced marketers have expressed their amazement at the results that Michael is achieving. Results that allowed him to make $92,000 a day on a single product.


I’m so grateful that Michael is sharing these methods and strategies. They’ve allowed me to think outside the box and create my own tricks to optimize my ad spend. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will be absolutely blown away by this section.

Join a Family of Entrepreneurs in the private Facebook Group

You can join other like-minded entrepreneurs who also want to achieve great things with their eCommerce business. This group has quickly evolved into a family-like environment, where we look after each other. We share our successes and failures. We share valuable insights. And we receive support from Michael himself. Best of all, we help keep each other motivated to ensure we don’t give up!


My Winning Mindset Was Tested To The Limit

Michael spends a whole section of the course on how to develop a winning mindset. This is the key to success. Michael stresses that many of the products we tested were going to fail. But the ones that are winners will carry us through.

I’ve always thought I had a winning mindset but this was sorely tested after losing my investment into the ad agency. After all, I was only human. Once I started Michael’s course, I tested three products that sold. But when I started to ramp them up, I had a couple of days where I had few sales.


I was close to giving up. It was two weeks before Valentine’s Day but I had run out of cash flow. The sensible thing would have been to cut my losses. I even posted onto the private Ecom Profit Formula Facebook group that I was about to go back to my day job and would return for Q4 later this year.

But the reaction and support of the Facebook group members pulled me back from the edge. I didn’t give up. Somehow I had a gut feeling that I was on the verge of a breakthrough. Maybe it was Michael’s fable in the course, of the miner who didn’t give up.

Instead of giving up, I watched the course another couple of times. I went though my store and optimized it as best I could. I carried on ramping up my Facebook ads on the winning products….

And it was my breakthrough moment – finally I had success!


My Results Over Valentine’s Season? In profit finally!

UPDATE: Since publishing this, I’ve matured into a ShineOn Top seller with multi 7 figures of sales for 2020 alone.

I hadn’t given up – and now I’d found winning products and scaled them – I was in true disbelief! No more watching Google Analytics to see if my leads are going to convert. I could rest easy and trust that the system works… that I can sell my product and scale it.

Best of all, my business was finally profitable. 

peaked at making $800 a day during the first week of scaling. Then sales started tipping. But there is a troubleshooting section of the course which helped me pinpoint what could be better. I made a few tweaks and sales seemed to pick up again, but I couldn’t quite reach $1000 a day in sales.

But when Michael released the section on his scaling methods, it gave me huge results. To my surprise, I smashed my $1000 a day target -with two consecutive $1000+ days, the biggest day being $1400


After the Valentine’s Day season was over, I began testing a new product and immediately got sales with a healthy ROAS. I am looking to scale it later this year.


My Goal for 2020 is to join the six figure sales club with Michael and other ShineOn Topsellers

Since originally creating this site, I’ve already surpassed my goal of 6 figures, achieving multi 7 figures in q3/q4 2020 alone. I am a officially a ShineOn Top seller.

I pointed out opportunities in the private group early on before starting to capitalize on it. It lead me to 75K worth of sales in just 10 days. Click to view more. I also shared another potential winning product, that has earned me well into 6 figures.

Why not join me and the other Ecom Profit Formula entrepreneurs in our private Facebook Group? Sign up today for the Ecom Profit Formula by clicking through on the button below. Please note: I will earn a small percentage of the course fee. Alternatively, you don’t have to use my link, you can go direct to Michael’s website.


Thank you for reading my story about my journey with ShineOn jewelry, and how the Ecom Profit Formula course helped me. As an investment into your future success, there is no other course like it.

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